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General Dentistry Services In Marietta, GA


General & Preventive Dentistry in Marietta, GA

Regular care and proper dental cleanings can help prevent your teeth from having a negative effect on your smile. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you answer your questions about proper hygiene.  We offer some of the most advanced preventative dentistry services in Marietta, including dental cleanings, root canals, tooth extractions, & fillings.

Charting: Health of Gums and Supporting Bone

When it comes time to speak with you regarding your dental needs, our team of experts, including Dr. Wohlers, spends time gathering the proper information.  We are most concerned regarding your periodontal health.  We take the time to do a check, and if your periodontal health is in good shape, we want to report that.  However, if you are having troubles in that area, we put that in the chart as well to ensure that we follow up.  If your periodontal health has gotten so bad that you have periodontal disease, this means that you will need special care.  We offer periodontal treatments to help heal this before it gets worse.

Preventive Fluoride Therapy In Marietta

Keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime is important.  This is why we offer fluoride treatments both in-house and at-home options.  Professional strength fluorides help build stronger bones and build up weak areas.  If you have had issues with your teeth on and off, you might want to consider preventative fluoride therapy and dental cleaning at our Marietta clinic as an option.

Root planing and scaling

When gum pockets are measured at 3mm or greater, we often need a better cleaning treatment to reach those pockets and remove the bacteria build-up, calculus and tartar.  When there is tartar build-up below the gums, this can lead to the gums tissue being pulled downward, causing more issues.  Because of this, gum disease will start to set in if proper planning and scaling aren’t performed.  You can clean your teeth above the gum line, but you need professionals like our dental cleaning experts in Marietta to help below the gum line.

Root Canals Treatment

When our teeth go for longer periods of time, the cavity affects the inner parts of the tooth called the pulp.  When the pulp becomes infected and inflamed, a root canal is in order.  This is a simple procedure, despite what many people think.  With advantaged technology, root canals at our Marietta Clinic take very little time and effort to complete.  Once completed, you will feel so much better.  Sometimes a cap or crown will be needed to complete the procedure.

Tooth Extractions

When the tooth has seen better days, it might be time to consider a tooth extraction.  Some people choose a tooth extraction to have a root canal and crown.  When you are having tooth issues, our team of root canal and tooth extraction experts in Marietta will give you all the available options and let you decide.  Once your tooth is extracted, we can discuss how to replace that tooth to complete your smile.


Our Marietta clinic offers composite resin fillings that are the color of your teeth.  This can replace old fillings and give your smile a better look.  These fillings offer better durability and appearance to improve the look of your smile.  When we find cavities, fillings are what will fix that to help you keep your smile looking amazing.


To further prevent cavities, sealants are typically used on the chewing portions of back teeth.  Sealants are typically replaced in 6-8 years.

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