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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign™ is a term used for a series of clear plastic trays called aligners that slowly shift the teeth into the correct position.  It is a custom system in which each series of trays is custom to your smile.  These clear trays can be used to help with a variety of teeth issues, including helping adjust your bite.  Unlike the traditional style of braces, clear teeth aligners at our Marietta clinic are removable and can be used to fix the same things that traditional braces are used to fix, such as crossbites, overbites, and underbites.  

Why use Invisalign®?

  • Invisalign™ has many advantages over traditional braces while performing the same service.  Let’s take a look at the advantages of our Invisalign treatments and cost at our Marietta dental clinic.

    • Ability to eat all foods without restrictions.
    • Invisible, hard to tell that you are even wearing them.
    • Allows you to care for your teeth as you would normally.
    • No metal hardware or brackets on your teeth that can be difficult to clean around. 
    • Aligner trays are more comfortable than traditional braces and easier to get used to.

    Our Marietta clinic specializes in Invisalign™ braces.  By using advanced technology, we create a 3-D image of your teeth and mouth.  This is done with impressions, radiographs, and pictures.  This information will be sent to the lab, where the custom trays will be produced.  Once the trays are in, our Marietta Invisalign experts will go over everything with you.

Invisalign Care

  1. Invisalign™ care is pretty easy, and most have no issues with it. However, for the best results, you will need to follow proper care instructions in order to keep your system working as it should.  Some basic care instructions are:

    • Must be removed before eating and drinking anything but plain water
    • Must brush teeth more often after every meal so that food doesn’t get caught in the trays.
    • More dental visits are needed every 3-6 weeks.
    • Trays need to be replaced every 1-2 weeks.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

Invisalign™, as we have mentioned, uses a series of trays to move the teeth into the final position.  However, it is a little more complicated than that.  First, we will start with getting a 3D impression of your teeth and mouth.  These impressions are used to create a mold, along with computer technology to send to the lab, where they will analyze your mold and create your treatment plan for trays. We have found that the number of trays and the length of time will vary from patient to patient.  However, the treatment typically will take less than 2 years.  Sometimes treatment takes less than a year.

The trays are changed out over the course of treatment every 1-2 weeks.  As you progress through the treatment, your teeth will gradually move into position.  

Before After
Before After

Why Invisalign?

Many people, especially adults, love the fact that they are clear and hard to see.  They are removable, so you can take pictures without them in.  You can also eat and drink anything you would like without restrictions due to your brackets.  It is also easier to keep your teeth clean since there aren’t brackets, and they can be removed.  The invisible braces available at our Marietta location are more comfortable than regular braces because they don’t have all the metal brackets.  

Many people like the fact that they are a vital treatment option. This means fewer visits to get the adjustments.  You simply need to put the next tray in when it is time. This saves time, not having to go into the office.  Invisalign™ costs about the same as the metal brackets. 

When wearing Invisalign™ retainers, how do I care for my teeth?

Because they are removable, oral care is the same as if it was when you didn’t have Invisalign™.  You should brush at least twice a day and floss to keep your teeth clean and breathe fresh.  Of course, see your dentist for professional cleanings every 6 weeks.  You might need to see the dentist a few extra times just to ensure that the Invisalgn™ plan is on track.  Also, you will need to brush your teeth after you eat or drink anything other than plain water.  These trays will hold food and drink to your teeth which could cause excessive decay if you don’t care for them properly.

Trying to decide if Invisalign® is right for you?

Dr. Wohlers has the experience and the knowledge to know if Invisalign™ is right for you.  As a certified provider, we can assist both teens and adults in finding the right treatment plan to get the perfect smile for them.  Contact Dr. Wohler’s Family Dentistry for your free consultation about the benefits and cost of Invisalign treatments at our Marietta clinic.

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