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Patients Safety


Upon arrival, the patient will call or text the office to announce their arrival to the office. Once the office is ready to begin their appointment, the patient will be called or text to the front door.

A greeter will meet each patient at the door. The temperature of every patient will be taken. The cut off will be 100.4 F for entry into the office. The COVID-19 questions will be asked and answered either while in their car or at the check in point. The office is not diagnosing or recommending medical steps based on temperature; it is simply protecting ourselves, our team and our patients.

Only patients will be allowed in the office, unless treatment of a minor. If a minor, the guardian temperature will also be taken. For patients 10 and under, the parent will be allowed in the treatment area. For patients 10 and over, the parent will be asked to wait in the car. We will ask parents of all ages their comfort level and any parent can wait in the car (even if under the age of 10). Upon completion of the dental appointment, the patient’s guardian/parent will be notified by phone to come to the front door of the office.

The patient will be requested to use hand sanitizer upon entry.

The treating assistant or hygienist will escort the patient directly to the treatment area.

Patients will be requested to rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide rinse for 30 seconds. The rinse is comprised of 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts distilled water.

If payment is required, will notify patient of the amount prior to the appointment. If possible, will collect over the phone or have them pay up front for treatment prior to bringing into the treatment area.

As always, the patient must pay for treatment prior to leaving the office.

After every visit, the office will be sterilized as usual along with disinfecting additional touch points (door knobs, pens, etc).

If a treatment plan is generated in the hygiene room, the hygienist will alert the team via Yapi as soon as possible to give the business team ample time to determine treatment estimates. If the patient is comfortable, the treatment estimate will be given at the check out area and an appointment made via the business team. If a patient is uncomfortable discussing treatment in person, a phone and/or zoom consultation can be scheduled. The business team will schedule an event with a specific time with the patient to discuss the details of the treatment plan. An “appointment” should be generated and understood by all team members. The patient should know who from the office is calling them to discuss the details, the time of the call, and the patient will agree to be available.

If a limited exam is completed and in office treatment determined to be the best course of action, Roxanne or Lori will present the treatment in the operatory. The patient will decide to agree and proceed forward or reschedule for a time that works for them.

Hygiene patients will pre-pay for fluoride treatments and expected expenses. Should a patient later decide to purchase whitening, fluoride or other in office items, money will be collected per usual.

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