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Why Marietta, GA, Loves Wohlers Family Dentistry

Here's why Marietta GA loves Dr. Wohlers and her staff.

Your experience guides our steps.

Wohlers Family Dentistry is proud to be a part of the Marietta, Georgia, community and to serve patients throughout the area. We rely on word-of-mouth and recommendations to help solidify our reputation and build our practice. Testimonials and patient feedback also allow us to continue to improve and offer better services to patients of all ages. Read for yourself why Marietta, Georgia, residents love Wohlers Family Dentistry.

We strive to show compassion to every patient.

A visit to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience for some people. This is especially true for those who may have had to undergo more-extensive procedures. Having a compassionate staff working to make sure that you are comfortable can make all the difference. According to William W.:

“Dr. Wohlers is always professional and very personable. Last week, I had work done on two crowns side by side on my back teeth on my lower jaw. I knew that this would be extremely painful and time consuming.

Lori came to the rescue!  She was patient and encouraging while being very knowledgeable and competent. I DON’T KNOW IF I COULD HAVE MADE IT THROUGH THE PROCEDURE WITHOUT HER!  Lori is just another outstanding example of the quality that you receive at Wohlers Dentistry!”

Wohlers Family Dentistry is a great work environment.

A happy staff translates into better service and a more pleasant environment for everyone in the office. The entire team at Wohlers Family Dentistry is passionate about their work and proud to be a part of a practice that always puts the patient first. Amber Wright has this to say about her role as both an employee and a patient:

“As an assistant to Dr. Wohlers, I cannot say enough about the care she gives her patients. She truly cares about the patient’s needs and their concerns. I have seen her work on a range of cases, from small to large, multiple-visit cases; no matter the reason for the visit Dr. Wohlers treats you with the same care every time and does great work!

As a patient, I have received fillings, root canals, and Invisalign. Even though I’ve worked on the opposite side of the chair I have a fear of receiving dental work, I assure you that you are in fantastic hands! I will not see anyone else! I have had a wonderful Invisalign case that is coming to an end and I am extremely grateful to Dr. Wohlers for giving me the smile I’ve literally always wanted!”

We want you to be informed.

All too often, a healthcare appointment can feel rushed. This leads to patients feeling like they haven’t been heard or had the chance to get answers to their questions and concerns. Whether you are getting a regular cleaning, undergoing cosmetic dentistry or you need more extensive dental work, it is important that you know exactly what to expect. The right dentist will take the time to walk you through all the steps of your dental procedure, answer any questions, and make sure that you feel comfortable moving forward. That is exactly what Dr. Wohlers and her team strive for:

“Dr. Wohlers is always great at explaining any and all dental care needed. The staff is the best ever—friendly and makes you feel welcome and appreciated. The dental equipment is all the latest technology, making your visit as painless as possible.” — David R.

Brenda T. felt the same way about her experience: “No wait time, thorough with the exam and explains in detail what I need to know. They’re up-to-date with all the latest equipment and take as much time as needed with patients. Dr. Wohlers is the best I have ever had for dental needs, no matter what the problem is. She does it all!”

Wohlers Family Dentistry is a practice you can trust.

Unfortunately, there are dentists out there who may not adhere to best practices while still charging you top dollar. If you have received subpar treatment in the past, you are probably skeptical when it comes to visiting a new dentist. However, Wohlers Family Dentistry is a practice that you can trust to provide the best in cutting-edge technology and techniques at an affordable price.

“This is the nicest team of people I have ever worked with at a dental office—and Dr. Wohlers is great! I ended up here after another dentist did a terrible job on my teeth and ripped me off. So grateful to now have a dentist I trust who takes good care of me. Also, the TVs on the ceiling make a huge difference and are an added bonus!” — Ashely J.

We are home to experienced staff.

Dr. Wohlers actually took over the practice once she completed her studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry and settled with her family in Atlanta. Many of the staff had been with the practice for more than 20 years before Dr. Wohlers came on board. Since this transition, new and existing patients have gotten to know and enjoy Dr. Wohlers, while also benefiting from a staff with decades of experience.

“I was a patient of Dr. Mullikin’s for almost 20 years and have come to know the staff at this practice very well. I will continue to be one of Dr. Wohlers’ patients (hopefully for another 20 years!), as she’s a great dentist, has a wonderful sense of humor, and does fantastic and gentle work! Who could ask for more from their dentist?” — Scott M.

As you can see, patients throughout Marietta, Georgia, have come to love Wohlers Family Dentistry and they are more than happy to recommend the practice to their friends and family. These testimonials speak volumes about what you can expect during your visit. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


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