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A Total Smile Makeover: Lynn’s Story

A Total Smile Makeover: Lynn Hudson's Story

“I am more than happy to report to you about my smile makeover experience…I recommend Dr. Wohlers for any dental procedure needed. She is a wonderful, caring person and a great dentist. I will be forever grateful for the beautiful smile she gave me!” — Lynn Hudson

Smile Makeovers with Restorative Dentistry

Imagine this: You’ve worked hard your whole life. You have put others first while taking care of your family and earning a living. Not because you’re a martyr, but because that’s just what you do for the ones you love.

The results of your hard labor? A life you’re pretty happy with and a few rough edges you’d like to smooth over. Someday. You still have plenty of life left ahead. You want smoothing those edges to fit in with your life. So you’ll wait patiently for the appropriate timing.

What if that someday is today?

For Lynn Hudson, that someday was not too long ago when she made an appointment with our very own Dr. Wohlers. The edges she wanted to smooth required a smile makeover.

Gaining Confidence with a Smile

Lynn walked in to Wohlers Family Dentistry for her appointment expecting to talk about crowns for her upper and lower anterior (front) teeth. Lynn’s upper and lower anterior teeth were severely worn and eroded, and she had a gap between her two top, front teeth. She rarely showed her teeth when she smiled, and when she did she was embarrassed about her “worn down, yellow teeth.”

So Lynn was surprised to hear that Dr. Wohlers had other plans. Dr. Wohlers explained her recommended course of action, which was a total smile makeover. It was quite a bit more work than Lynn had anticipated.

“Dr. Wohlers insisted on crowning all 24 of my teeth,” Lynn wrote. Dr. Wohlers’ plan was to fix more than just the teeth Lynn was hiding behind a closed-mouth smile. Dr. Wohlers wanted to fix all her teeth to give Lynn a beautiful smile and teeth that will last and last. Her approach was about beauty and function.

The best way to do that was to also fix her bite. A bite that isn’t quite on the money will wear down your teeth much more quickly, as Lynn has experienced. Fixing only the appearance of the teeth and not the bite would mean that Lynn would be back way too soon to report a breakdown of her new crowns.

And there was an added bonus for Lynn in fixing that bite: “Because of her knowledge, she was able to improve my occlusion.” Goodbye gap!

Natural-Looking, Comfortable, and Durable

“She also knows how to choose porcelain color,” Lynn told us. Matching crowns to the color of the existing teeth (those that aren’t disproportionately worn or yellowed, of course) means the crowns will blend in beautifully.

Additionally, Lynn’s new crowns were made to fit precisely her mouth. “I love that my new crowns are not big and bulky,” Lynn shares. Having appropriate-sized crowns not only looks good, but it also translates to a better bite, which was the goal of crowning all 24 teeth. “My bite has never felt this good!”

So, what was the result of Lynn’s smile makeover? A smile that doesn’t look artificial; it looks natural and comfortable, like it’s the smile she’s had her whole life. And an improved bite that means her crowns will last and last.

What about you? Is a new smile on your someday list? Contact Wohlers Family Dentistry today to talk about your smile makeover. We even offer financing through CareCredit. So a new smile might just make sense for where you are in life right now.


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