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Thoughtful Ways to Show Others You Care During Social Distancing

Show Others You Care During Social Distancing

Don’t let social distancing stop you from showing you care.

Under the current circumstances, social distancing is an act of kindness in and of itself. Keeping yourself healthy is a great way to keep those around you healthy!

Here at Wohler’s Family Dentistry, our team has been brainstorming ways to express care and love even from a distance.

Although we may experience physical separation from our loved ones and our community, we are very fortunate to live in the digital age. The online world gives us plenty of ways to connect with others right from home!

Read on to find out more about some of the thoughtful ways you can commit acts of care and kindness during this period of social distancing.

Call your loved ones.

Even if you’re not a big fan of talking on the phone, now is the time to give it a shot! You may be surprised at just how easy and fun it is to talk to loved ones on the phone.

If you have friends or relatives that are social distancing alone, try coordinating with other members of your social group to make sure they’re receiving at least one phone call a day. For example, you could work with your siblings and cousins to ensure your parent or grandparent hears from one of you every day of the week. You can even enlist your kids so they have some phone time with their older relatives!

Video Chat

Studies have found that face-to-face contact can boost your mood, lessen feelings of anxiety, and improve your mental health overall. Since driving to a friend’s house or inviting a neighbor over for dinner isn’t the best option right now, why not use video chatting as a substitute? 

Hearing a loved one’s voice is great, but seeing their smile is downright joyful! If you don’t have FaceTime, check out some of the many free online resources, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and more. Some, like Google Hangouts, even let you set up a conference chat, meaning you can get the whole gang together!

Donate when you can.

Social distancing has affected us all differently. While many of us are lucky enough to work or school from home, some members of our community rely on their brick and mortar location. If you have a bit of money to spare, keep tabs on local GoFundMe pages and other fundraisers that allow you to care for your community from home.

Additionally, hospitals and other medical groups can also use your help! You can use resources like Charity Navigator to find charities that are donating to the groups working on the front lines all over the nation.  

If you aren’t in a position to donate money, that’s okay! Focus your attention and positive energy on the things you can control. 

Reach out to vulnerable neighbors.

As we know, certain groups are more vulnerable than others right now. This includes the elderly and immunocompromised individuals. 

If you have neighbors that fit into either category, extend some kind words or a helping hand. With clean hands, leave a note on their door if you don’t have their contact information already. Leave them your phone number and let them know that they can call at any time!

If you are in a position to go out for essentials, consider telling them when you’re making a grocery run and let them know that you would be happy to pick up necessities for them and leave them at their door.

If you can’t afford to foot the bill, that’s perfectly okay! Politely tell them that all you need in exchange is compensation for the supplies you’ve purchased for them. This may feel awkward, but remember, you are doing what you can to keep them healthy!

Avoid misinformation. 

It is in our nature to seek out answers and solutions during times of confusion. Those who are sharing techniques to stay healthy at this time are trying to help; however, misinformation can be dangerous, no matter how well-intentioned it is.

If you find something on the internet that seems helpful, make sure you fact check it first! Our most reliable source is the CDC, and it is sharing everything it can with us. 

If you want to share helpful information that doesn’t contradict scientists, consider focusing on ways to stay positive and active while social distancing. You could even share this article!

Shop thoughtfully. 

In addition to shopping with vulnerable neighbors in mind, shop with your community in mind. It may be tempting to buy every package of toilet paper on the shelf, but remember that you may be able to go back out for another trip and the next shopper may not. 

Make a list of essentials before you head to the store. You may want to include some backup options in case your grocery store is temporarily out of the items you need. Don’t forget that you can still indulge in fun things like snacks and sweets as long as you are eating a balanced diet. 

Ultimately, the goal is to take only what you need and leave behind enough for other members of your community. This may not feel like the most direct way to show you care but know that someone else will appreciate it, even if they don’t know you were the one to help.

Stay positive while social distancing.

Social distancing may disrupt our routines and make us feel a little bit stir crazy. The best thing we can do for ourselves and others is to stay positive! That positivity will spread to all of the people you reach out to in the next few weeks.

Are you ready to start planning for the days when social distancing is in the distant past? Make a list of the places you’d like to go to once this is all over, and be sure to include us on your list. We look forward to seeing you soon and getting your (maybe now past due) professional cleaning scheduled.


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