Patient’s Testimonials

“Dr Wohlers is an amazing dentist! She loves all her patients and takes time to get to know them. Would recommend her to anyone!”
Amber Ross

“TI had a great opportunity of working with Dr. Wohlers in WI, and she brings a great smile to everyone’s face that she comes in contact with by her warmth and comfort. She is a great dentist and fun to work with”
Corintha Sumrall

“This is my Sister’s- in- law practice and she is wonderful!!!! I trust her with not only my dentistry care but also my children’s dentistry care and that says a lot!!!!! Wishing Dr. Jennifer Wohlers many years of prosperity and blessings.”

“Dr. Wohlers is kind, compassionate and down to earth. She will not just listen to you, she will hear you. I have had the pleasure of working with her since her first days as a dentist, and she is genuine and caring. This is a dentist you can feel comfortable with for yourself and your entire family. Don’t hesitate to make Dr. Wohlers a part of your health care team.”
Nicola Ross

“As an assistant to Dr. Wohlers I cannot say enough about the care she gives her patients. She truly cares about patient’s needs and their concerns. I have seen her work on minimal cases to large multiple visit cases; no matter the reason for the visit Dr. Wohlers treats you with the same care every time and does great work!As a patient- I have received fillings, Root Canals and Invisalign. Even though I’ve worked on the opposite side of the chair I have a fear receiving dental work however I assure you you are in fantastic hands! I will not see anyone else! I have had a wonderful Invisalign case that is coming to an end and I am extremely grateful to her for giving me the smile I’ve literally always wanted!!”
Amber Wright