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Open Wide: Why I’m Happy I Opened My Mind to a New Dentist

Glenna is glad her new dentist knows Invisalign.

I’m especially picky about who I let care for my teeth. In fact, out of the many times I’ve moved throughout the years, I’ve always considered finding a new dentist more grueling than unpacking a house, setting up utilities, and having to start all over again professionally and socially.   

When life brought me back to Marietta (my childhood hometown), I tracked down my long-time dentist, Dr. Mullikin, who I’ve known since I babysat his kids when I was in high school. He was—and is—just an awesome dentist and person. The day Dr. Mullikin told me he had a new dentist coming on board and wanted me to start seeing her, I inwardly groaned as I feigned a smile and said “sure.” I knew that I would just make sure my and my husband’s future appointments were with him as long as he was there.

In addition to keeping up with our regular dental cleanings, I wanted to finally do something to re-straighten my teeth. Like so many young adults before and after me, metal braces were a socially awkward rite of passage. At the end of my ortho treatment, I didn’t receive the right retainers I needed to keep my hard-earned smile in place. My teeth eventually shifted, leaving me once again dissatisfied with how my big smile of cramped, crooked teeth took center stage in every picture. Dr. Mullikin had referred me to another local dentist who offered Invisalign, but who has time to go to more doctors? (Clearly not me, because the referral slip I had from Dr. Mullikin was about two years’ old and starting to fade.)

When I learned Dr. Mullikin was finally retiring and selling his practice, I was not happy about making the switch. I was anxious about whether or not I could trust the “new dentist in town” to do a good job and actually listen to what’s important to my husband and me. But with our six-month appointment due date looming, I bit the bullet (no tooth pun intended) and decided to schedule cleanings for my husband and me with the dentist who bought Dr. Mullikin’s practice: Dr. Wohlers.

The first time I saw Dr. Wohlers, I instantly liked her and knew that I wasn’t going anywhere. She never judged my dental obsession and from the beginning she supported my desire to make my teeth as perfect as they could be. She didn’t tell me I was crazy for wanting to straighten the teeth that probably no one noticed but me. And, HUGE BONUS, she offered Invisalign right in her office and could help me fix issues that had been silently nagging me for decades.

In addition to introducing new technology and methods to this practice, Dr. Wohlers makes great conversation and always has a smile on her face. She has also maintained most—if not all—of the same staff, continuing the familiar and homey atmosphere that I loved when Dr. Mullikin was there. Her staff says they feel closer than ever before and are grateful for how much they’ve grown under Dr. Wohlers, which is a huge testament to who she is and what she has to offer. They are happy at work and it shows through their perfect blend of genuine kindness, practical knowledge, and all-around helpfulness. I’m not even shy to say it: I love them!

In addition to keeping my and my husband’s teeth and gums clean and happy, Dr. Wohlers also helped me finally re-straighten my teeth with Invisalign. I was so happy I didn’t have to go to another office for treatment and, much to my delight, I did not have to relive the metal-mouth experience. Today, I love seeing my straight teeth in pictures and even look forward to my routine dental cleanings (who knew?). My experience has been so positive, I have recommended her to many people who now equally adore her. Even my husband, who hates the dentist, enjoys going to see her.

Unexpectedly changing dentists taught me to embrace new experiences. Dr. Wohlers truly cares about her patients, their smiles, and their overall experience. Though change is not always easy or expected, I could not be happier to have gone with the flow and opened my mind to Dr. Wohlers and her fabulous practice.

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