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General and Preventive Dentistry in Smyrna, GA


General and Preventive Dentistry in Smyrna, GA

At Wohlers Dentistry, we take pride in offering quality services to families in the Smyrna, GA area. We offer top-notch dental care for patients of all ages, and we treat our patients like family. We make you feel right at home from the moment that you walk through the door. Our friendly team will help you get access to dental care of the highest quality in a warm and comfortable environment.


We offer the most advanced preventive dentistry services, such as dental cleanings, root canals, tooth extractions, and fillings.

Charting: Health of Gums and Supporting Bone

Dr. Wohlers and her expert team work hard to make sure that all of the proper steps are taken during each cleaning service to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. We make sure that we check on your periodontal health, and we chart our findings so that we can compare them each time you see us. If you have periodontal disease, we make sure that you get the special care that you need. Our periodontal care services will help you heal these issues before they get worse.

Preventive Fluoride Therapy in Smyrna

Keeping your teeth healthy for your entire lifetime is important. That is why we recommend fluoride treatments, both in the office during your cleaning and at home. We offer patients access to professional strength fluoride treatments to ensure that their teeth stay healthy for years to come. If you have been struggling with cavities and tooth pain, these treatments might be of particular benefit to you.

Root planing and scaling

When we measure your gum height during preventive care visits, we are looking for gum pockets that are 3mm or greater. These often need increased attention during cleanings to make sure that there is no tartar build-up or bacteria below the gumline. Gum disease can be caught in the early stages by treating these kinds of symptoms before the condition advances.

Tooth Extractions

While it is always our goal to save all of your teeth from having to be pulled, there are times when a tooth has been too damaged to save it. Extractions can sometimes also be prevented by offering root canal services and crowns for the damaged tooth. We will explain your options and make sure that you are able to choose the tooth extraction services that make you the most comfortable.


Our Smyrna clinic location prefers to use resin fillings that are the same color as your teeth. These fillings can also replace old silver filling to help your smile look better than ever. Resin fillings offer the same durability as traditional fillings while also improving the look of your smile. We always take the time to look for cavities and to take care of them right away.


Sealants can sometimes be the perfect solution for teeth that have suffered cavities in the past. They are most commonly used on back teeth and are typically replaced every 6-8 years.

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