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Five Things That Hold People Back From Getting the Smile They Deserve

What's holding you back from getting the smile makeover you deserve?

A new study has found that a bristling 60% of us are too scared to visit the dentist. I empathize. I have never welcomed my dental appointment with open arms, but I know it’s something I just have to get over, and in the end, it’s never as bad as the anticipation was. Even better, it makes me smile again!

A smile (no matter what state it’s in) can transform your face, changing others’ attitudes and perceptions towards you and also affecting your overall health. We all agree that a beautiful smile with healthy, white teeth is desirable, so what is it that holds so many of us back from achieving that goal? You will be pleased to know that no matter what it is that’s stopping you from unabashedly beaming, Wohlers Family Dentistry in Marietta can help you. Do you feel anxious and doubtful about visiting the dentist, or are you worried about the expense? If so, you are not alone. Here are five reasons that could hold you back from having the winning smile you desire. Do any of these sound familiar?


Financial barriers are the number one reason cited when it comes to missing dental appointments, and this is certainly a reasonable argument. When having to choose between rent and food or a visit to the dentist, I think we all know which one we’d choose. An essential factor to remember, however, is that regular check-ups with your dentist can actually save you money in the long run. An Academy of General Dentistry survey showed that most of us don’t understand how crucial our dental visits truly are and how having good dental health actually results in lower costs over time. At Wohlers, we understand the importance of good dental care, and we aim to accommodate you—no matter what your financial circumstances may be. Contact us to find out how we can work together to achieve the smile of your dreams.


I am sure you’re familiar with the quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt that says, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” And, although in many ways this might be true, it probably doesn’t help us feel much better when we are anxiously dreading our dental appointment. Dental-related fear and anxiety is common. In fact, researchers have found that 36% of us would prefer to do almost anything else rather than visit the dentist! Did you know that there is even a unique system of measurement—known as the Dental Anxiety Scale—that’s been around since the 1960s? Because having a certain amount of dental anxiety is normal, it is essential that your appointment be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. It is a good idea to take some music and headphones with you, which will keep you both entertained and less aware of any noises that might make you uneasy. Also, ask your dentist if they provide nitrous oxide, as this can also help to calm you.

Time constraints

You want the Hollywood smile, but you don’t want to make the time for that implant you need or to get that set of veneers fitted. Our lives today are busier than ever, and it is an understandable reason (or excuse?) for us not to see our dentist. Take a step back, and look at the bigger picture. A check-up takes about thirty minutes of your life, every six months. Even with a complete scaling and cleaning by your hygienist, you are looking at less than an hour . . . just two hours a year. Isn’t your health and appearance worth that? We spend more time shopping for groceries! And remember . . .dental appointments are also often available outside regular working hours and on weekends, leaving you with even fewer justifications for skipping your appointments.

Why not leave well enough alone?

Your teeth feel fine. They aren’t perfect, but they don’t hurt, so why bother going to the dentist at all? You know that some cosmetic dentistry could improve your smile, but it just doesn’t seem that important. It would be easier if we didn’t have to visit the dentist at all, but the fact is that we need to go to our scheduled appointments in order to prevent more future problems from occurring. You might think your teeth are perfectly clean or that you don’t have any cavities, but your dentist may find evidence to the contrary. It is impossible in the home setting to remove the build-up of plaque that can cause gum disease, decay, and cavities. If your dentist finds a small cavity early on, this can be filled much more efficiently and economically than the expensive crown you might require later…all because you put-off scheduling your appointment. Dentists are highly trained individuals who can even recognize early signs of oral cancer that you may well miss. Hopefully, routine dental visits are beginning to sound a little more worthwhile to you now.

Fear of reprisal

It’s been quite some time since you last made your way into the dentist’s office, and you can see that your teeth have suffered. Perhaps you haven’t been flossing, or maybe there are a lot of stains on your teeth. Whatever the reason is, you know that your teeth aren’t looking so great and that your gums have become a lot more sensitive. What if the dentist lectures you and you feel guilty or childish? No one likes to be reprimanded. Any decent dentist will know that the most important thing is that you have finally come into the office to get the help you need. At Wohlers Family Dentistry, we know that life can sometimes get in the way and that you may be overdue for your dental care. We only care that you are comfortable and that your teeth are finally getting the attention they need.

No more excuses

You deserve a superb smile for both your health and your image, but we also understand that there can be barriers in the way. Don’t let these excuses be the reason why you stop yourself from obtaining the smile you deserve. At Wohlers Family Dentistry, we can help you overcome these hurdles. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities. Make an appointment today, and together, we can decide on the best course of treatment for achieving your perfect smile!

What are your reasons for not scheduling your regular dental visits? Let us know below.

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