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Marietta Family Dentistry


Marietta Family Dentistry for Ages 6 to 11

Around the age of six, most children begin to lose their front primary teeth, while attaining permanent teeth in both the front and back of the mouth. 

Proper brushing and cavity prevention are important…especially as children begin to brush independently. Encourage small, circular strokes while holding the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle along the gum line and at the back of the teeth where most children tend to miss. Teach children to brush the front of the teeth, as well as the chewing surfaces and behind the teeth. 

Because almost 90% of cavities in the permanent molars appear in the grooves, dental sealants are an excellent cavity prevention. This simple procedure involves placing a white coating over the grooves in the teeth thus inhibiting the trapping of food.

As children begin to enter sports, dental injuries become more likely. Be sure to speak with our staff about the use of mouthguards in order to limit the risks.

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