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From Dental Anxiety to Admiration: Teree’s Story about Her Veneers

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Trust, Dental Anxiety, and Veneers

In the past, my family had been regular dental patients of another local dentist who has since retired. It was about 25 years ago during my time as a patient of this dentist, that I first had veneers placed on my top two front teeth.

While the outcome was good, I felt that it had been a very stressful process. I remember that he seemed to really labor over them in order to make them look like real teeth.

As the 20-year mark approached, I knew my veneers were approaching the end of their lifespan and would soon need to be replaced. But because of my previous experience, I was not looking forward to replacing them. I was very thankful that they had held up for so many years and hadn’t needed to be replaced sooner.

I found the idea of fully trusting someone with the fate of my front teeth very nerve-wracking. After all, they are the front and center of your smile and a great smile is always one of the first things we notice about someone. I dreaded the idea of having ill-designed teeth that others would immediately recognize as fake or poorly done.

Being so anxious about this, I continued to put off having the work done out of fear of the outcome.

Receiving Reassurance from Past Patients

I have known Paula, the front office coordinator at Wohlers Family Dentistry, for years. I confided in her about my worries. I explained that while I knew it was time to have my veneers replaced I was hesitant to do so. Paula encouraged me to check out Dr. Wohlers’ work on Lynn, their dental assistant. Lynn recently had undergone a total smile makeover involving 24 crowns to correct her bite and worn, yellowed teeth.

The makeover resulted in a beautiful, natural smile Lynn is very proud of. And since Dr. Wohlers improved her bite so it would no longer cause her teeth to become excessively worn down over time, she knows her results will last for years to come. I was impressed with her results and that Dr. Wohlers had also taken measures to ensure Lynn’s smile would endure.

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As I spoke with Lynn she was very encouraging. In fact, the entire Wohlers team, who I have known for years, were all very outspoken about Dr. Wohlers’ gift for dental artistry. I felt reassured by their confidence in her skill and decided to move forward with Dr. Wohlers as my cosmetic dentist for the procedure.

A Practically Painless Procedure

During our time together, I came to adore Dr. Wohlers. She was very understanding of my fears around having my front teeth replaced. She listened to my concerns, answered all of my questions, and alleviated my anxiety.

After having our initial consultation we decided it was best to replace the old veneers with crowns and also apply veneers on each tooth beside the new crowns. She took the time to explain each step of the treatment plan so that I would know exactly what to expect from the recommended procedures.

I’ll admit, the process wasn’t fun, but Dr. Wohlers was very accommodating and took the time to ensure I was comfortable and at ease the entire time. As a result the process was basically painless.

Admiring the Artistry and Results

I was so impressed with Dr. Wohlers skill and artistry—even the temporaries looked good. More importantly, my new teeth are exceptional! They look so incredibly like natural teeth. The shape and color could not be better.

Dr. Wohlers is indeed an artist when it comes to teeth. I am amazed that my smile can look so natural and perfect with crowns and veneers.

Not too long after the veneers and crowns were completed I, unfortunately, had to have a root canal. During my visit, the surgeon was very complimentary about Dr. Wohlers’ work. He said he could barely tell that they were artificial. Coming from a professional who works with teeth daily, and up close, I felt this was a high compliment of Dr. Wohlers’ work and I was very proud for her.

While few people have noticed the change, I can’t help but admire my teeth every day. I couldn’t be happier with the results and recommend Dr. Wohlers to friends whenever I can.

It’s already a family affair for me! My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren are all patients of Dr. Wohlers and love her. Her team is wonderful as well, and such a great team.

I admire and appreciate Dr. Wohlers abilities with people and dentistry. She is quite gifted! If you are anxious like I was, I highly recommend Dr. Wohlers for your cosmetic procedures. She was kind, understanding, and created an exceptional, natural-appearing smile.

You can read Lynn’s story about her total smile makeover here. It was after seeing Lynn’s results and hearing about her experience with Dr. Wohlers that I felt confident about having my own cosmetic procedure done after I had been putting it off for years.


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