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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

The safety of dental x-rays has long been questioned. Patients frequently want to avoid taking dental x-rays because they are afraid of being exposed to radiation. This post is for you if you are one of these patients!

Your oral health depends on X-rays as dentists routinely utilize dental x-rays. They are essential for evaluating any problems with the gums or teeth beneath the surface. Most dental patients will have dental x-rays done once a year.  This ensures your dentist that everything in your mouth is in good working order. X-rays help the dentist see things you cannot see with the naked eye. There are reasons for getting X-rays more often. If you have gum disease, mouth infections, or other recurring issues, you may be asked to have x-rays taken more frequently.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental x-rays are thought to be relatively safe. The biggest concern most people have about the safety of dental x-rays is radiation exposure. We are pleased to inform you that, when conducted correctly, these treatments emit very low quantities of radiation. Many advances to the technology for dental X-rays have been achieved throughout the years. These advancements significantly improve the procedure’s safety level. In fact, most dental X-rays are digital, emitting super low amounts of radiation to produce high-quality images. Let’s look at some ways we work to keep our dental patients safe during basic x-rays.

Precautions to Take During Dental X-Rays

Dentists can take a variety of precautions to keep you safe during your surgery. These precautions are:

Reduction in the number of X-rays

We attempt to keep the number of images we take for each patient to a minimum. We were able to accomplish this by being proactive in addressing our patients’ dental health concerns. When possible, we take only one dental x-ray image rather than multiple. This drastically minimizes the likelihood of exposure.

Use the Equipment’s Lowest Level of Radiation Setting.

Another step is to use the lowest feasible level of radiation on the device. This is an especially essential milestone for children. Children have more dental x-ray procedures performed since their adult teeth are growing, and their mouths are continually changing. However, with the low settings and limited amount of X-rays, we can keep this to a minimum.

Cover with a Lead Apron.

Last but not least, we apply a leaded covering during dental x-rays to protect other portions of your body. Lead aprons prevent radiation from entering other regions of your body. This means that your internal organs will not be exposed while your x-ray procedure is being performed.

All of these precautions will help to reduce the already low amounts of radiation emitted by dental x-rays. We want you to be informed about your health regarding any procedure you have at our facility. If you have any additional questions about your dental x-ray exams, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would be happy to answer your questions and go over any concerns you have.

The simple answer is yes. Dental X-rays are very safe. In fact, dental x-ray radiation is so low that it is also considered safe for pregnant women. You really have nothing to worry about when seeing your local Dentist Marietta and getting a few X-rays done. Call now to get started.


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