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9 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Winter

Activities to keep kids busy

Kick cabin fever to the curb with these fun winter activities for kids!

Winter is the perfect opportunity to get in some quality family time with your kids. With the cold weather, it can be a little more challenging to keep your kids entertained, but worry not! We’ve put together a list of 9 activities to keep your youngsters happy and engaged during holiday breaks and winter weekends.

1. Turn household chores into a game.

Keep your kids busy and get some help around the house by turning chores into a game. This webpage has some awesome ideas for making chores fun for the whole family. Some of our favorites include Musical Chores and Chore Dice.

Another great idea for older kids is to set up a snack or prize store for chores. Just like purchasing your own snacks at a store, your child will be able to do the same by completing chores for Monopoly money.

2. Build the ultimate blanket fort.

Grab your extra sheets, blankets, and pillows, and let your kids build the ultimate blanket fort in the living room. Chairs are great for helping add structure, but do be careful with little kids and chairs that may be easily tipped.

We love the idea of building safe blanket forts then letting kids sleep out in them overnight. With some glow sticks, yummy snacks, and a holiday movie, your kids will love this version of indoor camping.

3. Learn about arctic animals.

If your kids love animals, why not make the most of it by learning about their favorite arctic animals? Polar bears, arctic foxes, narwhals, reindeer, and orcas are all great ideas. Look for books about these critters and accompany them with informative videos or kid-friendly documentaries. YouTube has a number of educational videos specifically designed for kids! If you have a printer at home, you can also print out some coloring pages as an additional activity.

4. Craft the perfect cup of cocoa.

There’s no treat quite like hot cocoa for kids who have just come inside from sledding or a snowball fight. Have fun as a family experimenting with different cocoa recipes. If you’re using a premade mix, replace the water with milk. If you and your kids like cooking, try out a homemade mix from scratch instead.

Don’t forget the decorations! For even more fun, set up a cocoa decoration station with mini marshmallows, various winter-themed sprinkles, and toppings like crushed peppermint candies.

5. Build a snowman.

Gather up some classic snowman decorations and head outside with your kids to build your very own Frosty. You can either work together to build one big snowman or each build your own to create your very own snowman family.

No snow in your area? Check out this recipe for Snowman Slime or buy some fake snow on Amazon. You can also use polymer clay to sculpt mini snowmen!

6. Make a delicious pot of soup.

There’s nothing like a hot bowl of soup to warm up after those cold days playing out in the snow. Invite your kids into the kitchen to help you prepare their favorite soup recipe or try out a new recipe from this kid-friendly list! Slow-cooker recipes are especially great for kids, as there are no risks of burns on the stove while you prepare.

7. Mail fun letters to family or friends.

With texting, email, and online schooling, kids don’t do as much handwriting as they used to. You can help them practice their penmanship and have fun doing it by encouraging them to write some fun letters to their favorite people. Pick up some wintery stationery at the store along with some fun stickers and maybe even a candy cane!

8. Break out the arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts are always a surefire way to keep kids busy for hours. Pinterest and simple Google searches for winter-themed arts and crafts is a great way to get ideas. Click this link to get some ideas of different artsy projects to try out with your kids. If your kids are still on the slime bandwagon, check out this awesome Jack Frost Winter Slime recipe.

9. Sign up for online lessons.

Aiming for as much screen-free time as possible is a wonderful goal, but not all screen time is television and YouTube. Websites like KidPass make it easy for parents to find various lessons and online programs for children of all different age groups.

Signing your kids up for a class means they’ll be learning something new while you get some time to take care of your own responsibilities at home or with work.

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