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5 Things We Love About Marietta, GA, in the Fall Season

marietta fall

Stay safe while creating new memories with your family this fall.

Marietta, Georgia, is a beautiful place to call home all year long, but fall is a particularly lovely season for families. The weather is cooler, the air crisp, and there’s the excitement of going back to school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Many Marietta families are curious about how they can keep up fun fall traditions while still staying safe and adhering to social distancing guidelines. If you’re wondering this yourself, we’ve got 5 ideas to help you out!

1. An evening with the Ghosts of Marietta tour perfectly combines history and spooks.

If you and your family love getting your spook on in honor of Halloween, nothing beats a tour with Ghosts of Marietta. This tour group not only delves into the history of our community and many notable landmarks, but it also covers documented sightings and experiences with the supernatural.

The Ghosts of Marietta offers lantern-led walking tours through downtown Marietta, a ‘Scaryetta’ haunted trolley tour, and the Ghosts and Grieving October special tour. Most of these tours are about 90 minutes long and they do allow children, though school-age is recommended.

2. A nature hike in one of our state parks to a great way to see the seasonal changing of the leaves.

Nothing signals autumn’s in full effect quite like the changing of the leaves. For the region around Marietta, GA, you’ll find this color change will be at its most intense in late October through to early November.

You and your family can make the most of this iconic seasonal event by going on a nature hike in one of Marietta’s nearby state parks. The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and the trails around the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park are both great places to check out.

For a very unique experience, you can also schedule a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Located about an hour’s drive away from Marietta, this scenic railway tour is a phenomenal way to see the leaves change.

3. The cooler weather is perfect for gathering your family around a campfire to share stories and sip on something hot.

Once the temperatures drop, a little bonfire or campfire in the backyard is a perfect way to relax with your family while still enjoying the fall weather.

Set up some fun yard games, like horseshoe, badminton, cornhole, or whatever else your family loves to play. Make hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or for the coffee lovers, a homemade pumpkin spice latte. As for food, you can really ramp up the rustic charm by cooking right over your campfire (or use it to simply heat up a tasty meal). A thick, rich chili is a great alternative to hot dogs or burgers.

Set out a few chairs, put on some music, and spend the evening relaxing with your family. If it’s close to Halloween, you might even share some campfire ghost stories after the sun sets.

4. Keep up the pumpkin patch tradition by setting up a “play patch” for your kids in the backyard.

Although local pumpkin patches and corn mazes may choose to open, many parents are much more comfortable keeping their kids at home this year. That doesn’t mean you still can’t pick pumpkins and get your traditional pumpkin patch photo shoot though!

Surprise your kids with their very own pumpkin play patch right in the comfort of your own backyard. Buy a couple of straw bales, dried corn stalks, and other decorative items. Stop by a local store or visit a pumpkin patch on your own where you can choose a selection of different pumpkins and other squashes. Set it all up and let your kids pick out a pumpkin of their own to carve.

Don’t forget to take pictures!

5. A local orchard can supply you with a bushel of fresh apples to make your own caramel-covered treats or cider.

Fall is the season for apples, and nothing beats a bushel of your family’s favorite variety straight from a nearby orchard.

There are three fantastic “u-pick” style orchards within an hour’s drive of Marietta: the Red Apple Barn, BJ Reece Apple House and Orchard, and Mercier Orchards. These orchards are all open but are adhering to strict health and safety guidelines to ensure all patrons stay safe. You can visit their websites to find these guidelines so you know how you and your family can prepare.

Once you’re back home with your bushel of apples, it’s time to try a tasty new recipe. Apple pies are a classic, but why not dip some caramel apples for Halloween or try your hand at homemade apple cider?

Our team at Wohlers Family Dentistry can help you keep your smile healthy and bright through the holiday season.

While you’re busy creating lasting memories with your family, don’t forget about their oral health. Since fall is closing in on the end of the year, most patients are due for a checkup or cleaning.

If you or a family member hasn’t been in to see us within the last six months, right now is the best time to get those appointments booked. A cleaning and exam will ensure you and your kids are smiling brightly during the holidays—and prevent a nasty toothache from potentially ruining the next family adventure.

To book your visits, just give our office a call or fill out this handy online form. A direct call is the best way to schedule back-to-back appointments if you and your kids would like a same-day visit.


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