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10 Myths about Total Smile Makeovers

10 Myths about Total Smile Makeovers

You know that satisfying feeling you get from watching a home renovation show like “Rehab Addict” or “Fixer Upper”? Watching the show hosts is quite amazing: they understand every intricate piece of the project and what’s necessary to restore a dilapidated home to beauty. Dr. Wohlers, specializing in smile makeovers in Marietta, Georgia, is like your favorite home rehab host, but for your smile.

Like older homes that have fallen into disrepair, your smile and your mouth can sustain damage over time. Things like decay, injury, tooth loss, and aging can contribute to the need for a smile makeover. The term “smile makeovers” is an umbrella term used for a collection of dental procedures that together restore health, vitality, and function to your smile.

You may feel like a total smile makeover is out of reach, but it’s quite the opposite. With a highly skilled dentist like Dr. Wohlers, you can have the smile of your dreams. Here are some of the common misconceptions about total smile makeovers that could be holding you back.

10 Myths About Smile Makeovers

1. My teeth need to be in bad shape to warrant a total smile makeover.

Smile makeovers are about giving you the smile you want. You don’t have to need advanced restorations like dental implants to get a smile makeover. In fact, many smile makeovers involve cosmetic procedures like orthodontics, gum tissue recontouring and teeth whitening.  Some common procedures include the following:

  • For patients with crooked or gappy teeth, orthodontics like Invisalign treatment can help to reposition teeth to restore function and aesthetics to your smile. These aligners are almost undetectable and allow you to avoid uncomfortable metal braces.
  • Gum tissue recontouring helps reshape your gum line to provide a more aesthetic appearance. If you have a “gummy” smile, this procedure can correct this.
  • An Opalescence whitening kit gives dazzling results to patients who want a brighter smile and are already happy with the size and shape of their teeth.

2. Smile makeovers are just cosmetic.

Many people are candidates for a smile makeover, and those who need extensive restorative work due to missing teeth, trauma, or disease are good candidates for a full mouth restoration. A full mouth restoration requires more extensive treatment to restore the mouth to health and function before cosmetic work. If you suffer from periodontal disease, have missing teeth or other traumas, Dr. Wohlers will address these issues first to repair the foundation of your smile. Then, once health has been restored, the next phase of shaping and creating your beautiful smile will begin.

During your consultation, Dr. Wohlers will assess the current condition of your smile. She will determine the best path forward and collaborate with dental specialists to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

3. Only celebrities get smile makeovers.

Smile makeovers are attainable for anyone! Check out our patient’s story about her smile makeover and see the results for yourself.

4. I can just do it myself.

We caution you against trying DIY dentistry—you can cause serious damage. Before you do anything, consult with the experts (that’s us!) about your goals for your smile and listen to our recommendations. Dr. Wohlers works with patients to achieve their smile goals and maintain them for life. We recommend you consult with us even prior to teeth whitening. Patients who undergo whitening need to have healthy teeth and gums, so if you have periodontal disease, we will restore the health of your smile before a tooth-whitening treatment. And we do think you’ll love our professional grade Opalescence whitening kit.

5. I’m not sure how I will benefit.

Let us help you with that. Check out our blog about the return on investment on your smile makeover. Studies show a nice smile can boost confidence, which has a positive ripple effect throughout your life. There are also plenty of psychological benefits to smiling, so if you’re holding back due to lack of confidence in your smile, let us help you correct that.

6. I don’t qualify for this type of procedure.

Smile makeovers can benefit anyone. Here are some of the problems that a smile makeover can fix for you:

  • Misaligned teeth.
  • Yellowed teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Cracked teeth.
  • Puffy or receding gums.
  • Misaligned bite.
  • Missing teeth.
  • Silver fillings.
  • “Gummy” smiles.
  • Teeth affected by yellowing, staining or decay.
  • Teeth that look too large or too small in the mouth.

7. I will have to remove all of my teeth.

At Wohlers Family Dentistry, our goal is to maintain as much of your natural tooth and bone structure as possible. If you are already missing teeth, dental implants could be part of your smile makeover to provide a permanent solution and maintain the integrity of your bone and jaw. We will do all we can to restore a tooth to health before determining whether removal is best.

8. It will take too long.

While some restorative procedures can take time, you can see the results of many others in a matter of weeks. Teeth whitening with our professional grade Opalescence whitening kit provides dazzling results in a matter of days for those who want a brighter smile and are already happy with the size and shape of their teeth. Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of porcelain placed over teeth to enhance their appearance. This procedure can be completed in a matter of weeks and drastically changes the appearance of your smile in a natural looking way.

When multiple procedures are required to achieve your ideal smile, this can take up to several months, but the good news is you will see progress along the way.  Dr. Wohlers will answer any questions about the time necessary to achieve your individual goals during your consult.

9. I can’t afford it.

Being confident with your smile and in yourself is invaluable. The positive benefits it can have on your life are priceless. Depending on the procedure, your insurance may or may not cover it. Our goal is to provide the optimum dentistry for you, and we understand that affordability and budget are important, which is why we offer financing options with CareCredit.

Don’t let your doubts hold you back from your smile dreams. Contact Dr. Wohlers today to schedule your smile makeover consultation and let us show you the possibilities.

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